Goals & Objective

  • To provide an international forum for physicians of Indian origin
  • To participate in global health agendas by liaising with organizations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to identify barriers and opportunities to improve policies and practices and availability and distribution of resources to impact on improving health.
  • To promote initiatives that empowers individual physician to achieve professional excellence.
  • To liaise with appropriate statutory and registering bodies internationally for recognition of qualifications and experience of Indian physicians and access to equal rights in their career.
  • To promote greater understanding of challenges faced in addressing a range of healthcare issues, and strive for ensuring safe and affordable services.
  • To actively contribute towards medical education, training and research.
  • To encourage its members to support social and cultural organisations in promoting better health awareness amongst the local communities.
  • To facilitate professional networks to develop academic and clinical initiatives for mutual knowledge sharing.
  • To offer support and encouragement to statutory and non-statutory institutions so as to further the aims of GAPIO.